… and then you found us.

See, we do literature like rodeo clowns - we seem outta control with faces painted silly and big ole floppy shoes, but we're actually the hardest cats out on the sawdust.

We’re the cats backed into a corner, banding together, publishing like thieves in the night. We’re wild bleary-eyed. We were funded from the sale of two drum machines and some other stuff.

We’re the Black Riders. And we suspect you are too.

The Diamond & the Thief

The Diamond & the Thief delivers the kind of stories and lyrics that you should be reading, penned by the kind of Black Rider hepcats you should know about. Calling it a minizine is just us being precise. It’s small – a couple poems and tales each month. But it packs one heck of a punch.

Translated works also appear in their original language so we can properly tip our hats to the cultural roots and scene settings of the Black Rider community around the globe. Download recordings of authors and poets reading their own work from our Shop.

Singing our hearts out and making new friends

Really, really soon we’re going to start publishing books that are pretty special.

And along the way we’re going to throw a couple parties that will make you say Oh sweet heavens almighty, this hootenanny is one for the ages! Our shindigs are called The Last Hurrahs. At first they’ll be in Perth, but we might take ‘em on tour eventually.

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Look homeward, angels!

The Black Rider